Hello poet,

Welcome to Buffalo Elliot. You’re here because you like words.  Or love them. Or have an ongoing rivalry with them. You string them together, stack them up, throw them violently, or peel them from your intimate wounds and adhere them to the page. You do these things simply because you must. This is what it is, among other things, to be a poet. To write poetry.

My name is Laura Page. I want so many things for this site. First and foremost, I want it to be a place where I can dialog with YOU! I want a symbiotic relationship with writers and thinkers. I want to talk about poetry and about literature. About all the things that influence our writing, which can be anything and everything. So I’ll talk about books, about poems, but also about music, world events, history, science, you get the idea. There will be a few mainstays…writing prompts, a monthly book review, hopefully interviews with new and emerging poets and/or a feature on a debut lit journal here and there–unique minds curating other unique minds!

I want this to be about you too. If you’re writing and submitting, you’re already doing the really brave things! Maybe you have a network already in place–a community of writers, an MFA program, a workshop. Or maybe you don’t. Writing is, by nature, a solitary endeavor. A large part of what I hope to do at Buffalo Elliot is consult you on your writing. I would like to offer writing consultations at a more affordable rate than what is currently available to writers, generally. I want to help you break your writing wide open and assess it, worry it, work it, pare it down, flesh it out, enhance the shit out of it.

I am here to bleed words with you. To write my own–and to work with yours. So let’s do this thing!

Artwork photo credit: “Bitter Buffalo” by Jeff Stauder


2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you, I really appreciate that! Please check back; I will be posting once a week at the very least and am looking forward to connecting with you and other writers!


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