‘Say What’ Wednesdays

Hi guys!

Wednesdays at Buffalo Elliot are going to be devoted to a rotating cast of features! You can expect a little pick-me-up on hump day in the form of writing prompts, book reviews (I’ll occasionally poll you for book suggestions!), interviews with up-and-coming authors and editors, and the random flash giveaway announcement!

Today, I thought I’d offer you a writing challenge! Ready for it?

Prompt 1

Write a flash narrative no longer than 600 words, incorporating at least three out of these five elements:

  • a catering company
  • a stolen necklace
  • feelings of resentment
  • sand
  • the fall of Rome

Prompt 2

Another one for the flash folks! This time, write a flash narrative in which the main character either dies or exits the narrative in the flesh in the first 200 words.

Prompt 3

Write a story that is ultra-flash! Only 26 sentences long. The first line must begin with the letter ‘A’ and each line must begin with next consecutive letter of the alphabet (This one I borrowed from Warren Wilson College’s website)!


Okay, guys! Get those pens scratching! I would absolutely LOVE to read your stories an/or hear your thoughts  When you’re done messing around! Pretty please?


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