Today I wrote a poem. It’s been a little while. Just long enough for me to hesitate and feel a little at sea…but then, that’s a given beginning any new thing for a writer, I think.

I told myself I needed a little break after I submitted ALL. THE. THINGS. to ALL. THE. PLACES. a couple of months ago. I told myself to stop my breakneck pace and wait until I’d heard from a few mags before diving in to more blank word docs.26

So rather than writing, I had been reading. And networking with other amazing writers (a few of whom you guys will get to meet HERE soon! Stay tuned!). And baking. And knitting. And, while doing all of those things, interacting with my two very energetic and don’t-blink-you’ll-miss-something growing sons! And it was great! It IS great.

But it was also great to write that poem. To spend a solid two hours over the kiddos naptime and rework it, add something, subtract a few somethings, give it a title, and finally hit save for the final time.

Here’s to that deep breath and pause….and HERE’S to a new piece of writing!


2 thoughts on “Unpause

  1. Hi Bren! I chose not to post my poem, simply because I may decide to submit somewhere at some point and most publishers require submissions to be “previously unpublished.” If you like, you can check out a few of my poems in the press page, though! Would love to hear you thoughts on those. 🙂


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