‘Indie’ Life

I have some very talented, very dedicated writer friends. Friends who are doing all the things with words and with the publishing world.

This week, I’ve been thinking about the innovators I know, many of whom have inspired my own writing and publishing goals. These are individuals who reach out to the established presses, write, reach out, write some more….and then become the press in various ways. They’re still submitting to places, but they’re also creating their own niche through self-publishing, through zines, through projects that aim to bring communities together, across a wide range of demographics.


One young woman is asking mothers to submit flash creative non-fiction accounts of their post-partum experiences,  for a first volume of an ongoing project/indie publication focused on the many facets of motherhood.

Another is curating visual poetry that attempts to reflect pop culture’s obsession with identity and self-expression.

Several have been working on books that they’re now happily working to publish themselves through Createspace or other publishing sites.

All of them are part of a growing “indie” community of writers and artists that are blazing new trails, reinventing the tools and tropes of publishing, including others through dynamic, social networking.  They’re inspiring, because they’re confident in their ability, in their ongoing evolution as creative people, in the art form itself.

I think the biggest take-away these writers are offering me, as a writer, is that one is never “locked out,” of the writing world, no matter how many rejections one has received, what one’s  curriculum vitae looks like, or what endorsements one can boast. If you’re developing your craft, reading others’ work, dreaming and scheming, and most importantly, sticking your neck OUT there, you’re in the game and you’re in good company.

Here’s to the indie folks!


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