Say What | Kindred 10

Hey guys,

Today, because of extreme procrastination that I’m calling too-busy-working-on-writing, this ‘Say What’ is going to be super minimalist.

kindredmagSome of you may remember that a few weeks back, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Amanda Mays, founding editor of Anchor and Plume Press and Kindred magazine.

Well if you’re following Buffalo Elliot’s facebook page (which you definitely should be doing!) you’ve seen that I’ve teamed up with Anchor and Plume and Amanda to giveaway a copy of the latest issue of Kindred!

Having had the opportunity to work closely with Amanda on this very issue, I can promise you this issue chock FULL of some of the best creative writing you can get your hands on!

So please, back-track to your facebook profile and type ‘Buffalo Elliot’ into your search bar. Give us a like, give the giveaway post a like, and tag a friend! That’s it! Maybe you’ll be the lucky kiddo with an issue of Kindred 10 in your mailbox soon!


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