Say What | Maiden to Mother

Hi everybody,


Some of the hardest things to put into words are transitions; days, weeks, months of inhabiting a space that feels in-between. As writers, we go through many of these as we grow, as people and as wordsmiths. For a woman, one of the most transformative seasons of transition is the passage from maidenhood to motherhood. And if the woman in question is also a writer, the monumental shift in identity that comes with becoming a mother can introduce doubt and fear about her ability to craft, communicate creatively.


But writers have it deep in their bones. I’ve learned that words do return, slowly or in a rush.

Today, I’m sharing a flash piece of non-fiction I wrote some time ago, dealing with one of the grittier, more mundane aspects of the maiden-to-mother transition. I hope it resonates with other mothers out there. Click below to view pdf file.

The Way we Smell


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