Folding In

Hello friends,


sweater_elbow_patch_0We’re in the elbow of December, counting down the days till Christmas. Our arms hold things close now, fold things in, however impatient we might be for Christmas Day–or a new year. During this month, those joints between upper and forearms are often used to press more warmth into our bodies, hugging rib-cages, to bring cold hands to hot breath, to wrap our arms around the shoulders of our loved ones, holding them to our chests, our hearts. We’re full of anticipation and yet we feel compelled to slow down, hunker. We allow ourselves ease during this time of year–elbows on tables over hot cocoa, elbows hooked into the folds of thick, woolen sweater sleeves…

Christmas, whatever your tradition may include, is essentially a celebration of such folding in, enclosing.  We’ve stretched and curled, reached and retracted through the current year’s seasons, changing, learning, growing, and as the last days of the calendar pass, we hope, plan, dream–and aspire to be wiser hinges, joints upon which another rotation of seasons can open.

I will be taking a little break until the first of the new year–to do just that; to read, reflect, aspire, but most of all to hold my little life and my loved ones close.

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!


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