Press News

Hi again!

I thought I’d start off the new year with some press updates and a little buffalo elliot housekeeping.


First item: there are few new places you can read my work. I’ve added them to the list on the “press” page, but thought I’d post an official ‘hey look!’ for you here.

Look for new poems in:

Second item: As I find interested parties, I would like to open up submissions for guest posts on Buffalo Elliot. One guest will be featured in the first half of each month, ideally. I will be working over the next couple of weeks to set up the submission form. I don’t anticipate a guest post this month, but hopefully next? Flying by the seat of my pants, here, as I do.

Bi-weekly posts from your’s truly will continue, including the ‘Say What’ Wednesday posts. That means you will continue to get interviews with authors and editors and other literaries, book reviews, and writing prompts.

I think that wraps up the business!

Now, about that dirty, dirty word….resolutions. Have you made any writing resolutions? What do you hope to accomplish, creatively, in 2016?







2 thoughts on “Press News

  1. Nice surprise, opening your email with all you shared, except your dirty word. So I went off frolicking and clicking away, Before I got too lost in the maze I came back to you. Hey look! Thank you. I am forward looking to your bi-weekly posts and will jump at the opportunity for submissions.


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