Say What| Word Cluster Prompts

The other day I remembered something I used to use a lot when writing: word clusters. I randomly (or not) would choose 8-10 words and endeavored to incorporate at least four or five of them into a poem. It was a good way to bring something up if I didn’t have a solid subject. I’d fiddle with the words, conjugate them, play with their syntax as I arranged them in my document– until something materialized, some theme would emerge. It’s one of my very favorite prompt methods. Minimalist, suggestive, not too pinned down or prescriptive.
clusters (1)
So today, I thought I’d introduce you to the fun. Below, are three different word “clusters.” You can use all of the words in the cluster, or just one! That’s the beauty of this. I will say though, that if you like to challenge yourself, incorporating as many works as possible is part of the appeal!

Cluster #1:

earnest, lesser, no, true, cerulean, extraneous, for, noir, mountain, un– (as in, the prefix)

Cluster #2:

praxis, found, another, as-is, alluvial, draw, lip, brine, sex, hourly

Cluster #3:

perennial, four, limn, cache, B-movie, attenuate, twelve, yes, enclave, turn

Ah! I remember! These are just such a trip to try out! I may do it myself with these same clusters! Are you game? Get set….GO!


2 thoughts on “Say What| Word Cluster Prompts

  1. I’m an amateur and it shows. Took me about 30 to 40 minutes and this is what I came up with:

    I turned four into twelve
    miligrams to attenuate
    the pain he endured
    for so long, long.

    Drip, drip, my tears start to flow
    I whisper, hurry, hurry
    then you smile
    the curtains flutter
    with the winter wind
    and I shiver.

    Please, please forgive me
    I couldn’t say yes but I will
    dance on your grave
    under a star limned sky.

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  2. This is lovely! The word clusters can sometimes feel restrictive and give you the run-around for awhile, but the end product is almost always something surprising that you didn’t even know you had in you! At least that’s usually how it is for me. Thanks for participating, Brenda!


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