Sunday Post

Hi guys! This is my Sunday post…on Monday. Actually, it’s nearly Tuesday, isn’t it? Mmm. Well, belated, here are just a few thoughts from my week, which has been fast and slow and mundane and unusual!

First, the term “type-cast” has been popping in and out of my mind for a couple days, because I realized recently how easy it is to do that–to type-cast oneself– creatively. In my case, it wasn’t that my poems were feeling same-same or uninspired, just that I realized that I had begun to assume I couldn’t do other things. I decided to jump genres a little bit and venture into the world of short fiction, something I haven’t been brave enough to do for a very long time and it made me appreciate how getting out of a comfort zone can jump start the imagination and prompt innovation.

You don’t have to jump genres, of course, to get out of your comfort zone. But for me, it was nice.

Here’s a ridiculous little meme-thing for you, to illustrate what I think of when I think of being creatively boxed-in. Pardon the profuse french. ↓


Second, I’ve been reminded almost daily that the more a person writes, the more a person MUST read. It’s usually phrased more along the lines of ‘you have to read in order to write.’ It amounts to the same thing. I know you hear it time and again: read, read, read! Just consider this another reminder! I’ve been writing a lot, and doing so has made me, even though I am reading a few things right now, feel that my “tank” is a little low. I need to fill  it up if I wish to write long distances. And I do. But you know, of course, that I want to read long distances, too. Just because! So I’m taking a day (or two) and putting the pen down for a bit.

To wrap up: get out of your comfort zone. Find a way! And, read stuff. In fact, maybe it’s a good idea to read something that will prompt you to get out of your comfort zone, whatever that might be for you.

What have you been writing?

What have you been READING?



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