Learning Patience

I’m back. Sort of.

arabica.jpgWe did some traveling last week, attended a memorial for my husband’s grandfather, who passed early in the year. We saw family, laughed, cried, ate and drank, told stories that have been told a million times and talked about things nobody had dared talk about in years. It was refreshing. Some parts of it were exhausting.

I’ve been exhausted. Mentally, emotionally. I want too much, too fast. I haven’t allowed myself time to develop and grow. And it’s bad, because the thing I’m not allowing myself is just the most important thing to have if I wish to get anywhere, meet any goals: patience.

Today, I bought Julia Cameron’s classic, The Artists Way. I plan to make my way through the 12 weeks of insights slowly. I considered inviting anybody who would join me to read along and participate in weekly online check-ins. But I think this is something I need to on my own, for me. That’s not to say that I don’t want to hear your thoughts if you choose to read it–on the contrary! Please let me know if you have read it or liked it! Let me know if you’re making progress with that work in particular or a similar work on the creative life! Hopefully, this foray will help me center myself, help me settle down, rather.

Photo credit: http://arabiczeal.com/tag/united-arab-emirates/


2 thoughts on “Learning Patience

  1. How’s the 12 week of insights coming along? I know you said slowly, but hopefully by now you are sensing a renewed strength. Creativity is like breathing, as Julia says. With all honesty, I am not familiar with Julia Cameron so I looked her up online. To help my creativity, I joined a writing group of ladies that meet bi-weekly and it’s been fun and truly helpful. You have been as well, and I have no doubt by now you’ve soared above the exhausting experiences!


    1. You’re so thoughtful and encouraging! Thank you, Brenda! I’ve been moving slowly through the book, not doing one a week, as I planned, as some other stuff has taken priority (kids, tax season stuff, etc.). But in general, things are good. I’m not “soaring” but feeling more confident!


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