Making it to ‘The End’ | Jason Emly

Today’s guest post comes to you courtesy of Jason Emly, a writer and blogger living in New York. His insights on sticking with to ‘the end’ are on point. Read on!

“The End.”

I’ve never actually made it that far in the writing of a novel. I have many ideas pregnant with the potential to revolutionize the thinking of the free world–on many a subject.

It isn’t so much the ending that gets me either. The middle for many of my stories feels like the next rest stop being 25 miles away when the 64oz Big Gulp I had an hour ago wants to make it’s final getaway.

Is it motivation? Is it frustration? Is it stopping to edit when I should just keep writing? Is is poor planning or poor execution of a plan? Is it too many distractions, too many excuses? Is it not dedicating proper time to writing? Is it lack of time spent writing? Is it stopping when the ‘block’ hits? Is it (fill-in-the-bank)?

Yes, it is.

I don’t remember crawling, or really, not walking. But I’ve seen many a child just beginning to learn to walk. They all fall down. A lot.But for some reason, they get up again. Then, they only stop walking for the few months it takes for their parents to realize they are heavy and they can walk. Kids don’t give up because walking is part of the passage to becoming who they are. They see the walkers around them and just know they have to do it too.

Whatever style, media, or genre you want to write, the actual writing is just like learning to walk. You’ll fall down. A lot. You’ll cry and want to give up. But you’ll eventually get up again because you see all these other people walking. Or maybe you just catch a glimpse of somebody taking a baby step.

Writing experience is exactly like the stages of walking. It takes patience, and you may need help and encouragement along the way.

Whatever it is that has gotten you down in the past, don’t let it keep you down. I have a strong voice when I write well; I can use it to make people laugh or think. When I make it to ‘the end,’ it will be a time of celebration. Just keep reading (watching people walk) and writing (baby steps and beyond). Don’t try to conquer every issue that has hindered you in the past. Work through an obstacle one-at-a-time for a few weeks.

If a novel is a goal of yours, crawl, walk, and then run before you start the marathon. But run it. Anytime something gets in your way and you want to give up, read this. It will be a chance to start over and put the past behind you. Because you know what comes before the end and the middle?

The beginning.

(Now go write).



Jason writes about life and the people, places, and things that strike his fancy. He lives in New York and continues to take his writing one step at a time.



2 thoughts on “Making it to ‘The End’ | Jason Emly

  1. Thank you cousin Jason! “Don’t try to conquer every issue that has hindered you in the past. Work through an obstacle one-at-a-time for a few weeks.” Best lines that I will write on my journal. I am sure it will help me along the way. It’s a marathon (writing a novel) and I’m going to run/write it!


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