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I’ve got something a little different for you today. I was going to post some word cluster prompts, but I thought of something a little more idiosyncratic, if that’s possible. I thought I’d let you peek into the randomness that is my writing “notes” from, oh let’s see…two days ago? See above photo!

If you’re wondering if all of these scraps and snippets of things become quality pieces of poetry or prose or…something, I’ll just tell you: no, not always. I started doing this because of something one of my all-time favorite poets, Robert Hass, said about how poems “come” to him. He said that sometimes a poem will spring from something as simple as a single word or a turn of phrase that is either musical in some way or triggers another chain of ideas or thought processes. So when a word or a phrase is used in a way that makes me happily exclaim “language!” I write it down. And in a future writing sesh, I might return to these and use them for inspiration.

What about you? What do you do to keep your writing weird? (wink)



One thought on “Say What| My notebook

  1. I love browsing through the dictionary! Learning new words, their roots, syntax and history. Oh, the adventures of language!


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