Cutting myself loose

I read a thing today that I thought was kind of brilliant. The gist of it was that women, at some point in their lives (different for every woman, of course) realize that they don’t have to do everything and be everything all the time. When they realize this, they stop being afraid of what will happen if they drop all the balls and become free to be exactly who they are, without apology, without caveats.

I’m not sure I’m there yet, honestly, but I think I do need to drop some balls.

I need to post on my own schedule, here, not one I’ve imposed on myself. The Sunday post and the ‘Say What’ posts need to fall by the wayside because it’s begun to feel too forced for me, to be totally honest. I love ruminating on the lit life here with you all, and I will continue to do that. I love reading and reviewing books and will continue to do that too. Just not with as much frequency. Please keep me on your radar; just know I needed to slow things down…for me.




One thought on “Cutting myself loose

  1. Say what? You just dropped a bomb on me girl!

    Just kidding.

    We are to delight in who we are and rest in the assurance that everything that makes us who we are is perfect and beautiful.

    Thank you for the heads up. I completely understand the sense of burden that you seem to feel and need of dropping a few balls. I’ve been there, done that. For example, a few years ago I dropped playing tennis. When I dropped giving Sunday school class, I thought I was amputating myself, cold blood. They are, after all, of lesser weight than say, motherhood, or our love of reading. Those we will carry to our grave.

    Although you seem to feel the Sunday and Say What posts as forced obligations, perhaps they were the very ones that brought the balance to help you manage the weightier ones that we cannot drop. That is why I will keep you in my radar. Your posts help me manage the weightier things that I am called to carry.

    I can’t wait to see another Sunday post pop up and I hope then that today, the first of a new month (Hello April!) you are investing your time to things that are truly rewarding to you.


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