I don’t think I worried about anything before I had kids. I just don’t remember stressing about how I was living my life, about whether or not I was doing enough. BEING enough. Lately, despite my efforts and pep talks, I get overwhelmed–with the accumulated mess that is adulthood.


What a weird word. When I first heard the word, I categorized it with other words I thought equally weird (but which denoted not so hard-to-describe things), like “pithy” and “kitsch” and “svelte.”

Choas. A mess.

No matter how many cute little Instagram memes encourage me to “embrace it,” I’ve always been on the defensive with my messes, with my own life’s particular brand of chaos. I’m not sure that will ever change. If I can’t embrace, though, at least (social media assures me) I’m not alone in dealing with things.

While I deal, I continue to write. And read.

Both I’ve been doing rather intensively, hence the lack of posts. See the picture above for one title I’m especially super duper excited about starting. Anchor and Plume’s new release from Robert Vivian. Check out the title here!


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