Hi guys.

me me me.jpgThese days, I write here infrequently. Always the one to make a big start and then feel reality set in too real, I fizzled on the Say What Wednesdays and Sunday Posts, as you’re aware, if you check in here.

I’m keeping it small and manageable these days. I’m playing to my strengths, or what I hope are my strengths. I’m writing.

As other writers have done, I’m shifting the emphasis here. More narcissism, of course. More relevance. I realize the only thing I’ve really been doing here is alerting you readers to literary worthies online or alerting you to my own internal meanderings, potential fodder for my own future literary endeavors. When other writers do this, they often do so under a domain dedicated solely to thier work.

So, while I did try to do the consulting thing, the interview thing, the review thing….I think now this space should simply be a landing site for readers of things I write. This site will, henceforth, be an unglorified “author site.” I will be changing the name of the domain soon. Something close to my name– Laura Page.

Buffalo Elliot is not dead, however.

Though I’m not sure how the moniker will manifest in the near future, there are tentative plans. Please keep that, if you care, on some back burner!

I hope you’ll keep “landing here.” Despite my half-starts. Despite it all.






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