New Poems


Hi all

Well, it’s the dog days of summer. The heat and the slow moving days can feel to this girl a little oppressive. Writing gets done, but the sun just seems to idle at a blistering 90-105 degree heat in the sky, and creativity seems to need some shade. Shade is hard to find. Right before these appropriately named dog days were inaugurated,  however, late may-ish, I had a few pieces accepted by some great publications; one flash fiction piece, which is forthcoming from HYPERtext Magazine – so stay tuned for that – and a couple poems. Poems I can now finally share with you today, at Red Paint Hill and The Minola Review, respectively. Follow the links to read the pieces.

I also have a piece forthcoming later this month, which was acccepted by the amazing poet Jenn Ghivan, editor of Tinderbox Poetry Journal! Look her up, she’s just incredible and so talented, which makes this acceptance particularly awesome!

What are all you writer’s up to? How are you beating this heat??




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