Dusted with flour, dusted with birdsong


Hey guys,

I suppose some updates are in order. It is no longer a swelter here, but a brisk and colorful autumn. This weekend in particular, we’re in for a bit of weather–a typhoon off the coast is heading in with hurricane force winds and a lot of rain, so we’re battening down, crossing our fingers we can keep cozy inside. Cross your fingers for us, too, if you think of it! Here in the PNW, we’ve got it pretty good in terms of weather. Until the random….well, typhoon, apparently.

I have a few newsy bits to relay in terms of the writing.

Crab Creek Review, The Ekphrastic Review, and Dead King Magazine have all accepted poems. You can read the ekphrastic poem at ER on thier site right now!

Also, over the month of August, a streak of inspiration hit and a chapbook was born. Not just born, but homed!”Sylvia Plath in the Major Arcana” (tentatively titled) is coming out with Anchor & Plume Press as part of their 2017 list! I couldn’t be more grateful to Amanda, the editor of A&P.

What are you lovelies up to?




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