Hello again

Hello again!

I have an odd assortment of things to post here. Small change, really, as nothing too large or life changing has occured, and yet–I guess you could say a lot of little things have added up.

  • Two copies of my chapbook, Children, Apostates are sitting on a self in an adorable indie bookstore in Ashland, Oregon. I mean, something I wrote–thirteen things I wrote, tucked between pretty covers, is sitting in a real bookstore. I’m pleased.
  • Virga Magazine was given some press recently, over at Trish Hopkinson’s blog and as a result, we saw an influx of awesome submissions! The Spring issue cut-off is March 31st, so come April, I’m excited to gather all the lovelies I’ve accepted and arrange them, format them into the inaugural issue, releasing May 1st!
  • I finished my full length poetry manuscript. Okay…that last sentence should be read: I kept myself from tweaking and/or overhauling the thing long enough to send it to three presses. Two contests, and one open reading period. As it stands, I’m owning it. It may undergo more meddling, but I’m owning it. It’s really something to stand back after, oh, I guess about a year and a half, and see how the voices have filtered down, how the arc became obvious. I asked some lovely writers I’ve had the privilege of networking with how long some of them had to wait before their debut collections were picked up. It ran a gamut. A lot of folks said they waited a year or two. A lot more folks said it took them 5-8 years. I’m not patient enough for half a decade. Please, if you care, send me all the good juju, good vibes, etc. so that this thing finds a home in, ohhh….a year? Maybe?
  • This week, after a bit of a dry spell acceptance wise, a long-ish poem was picked up by the guys running WINDOW (patient sounds). Oh man. This poem is my opus. It’s my favorite thing I’ve written. And it took a year of subbing it for it to finally land. I’m pleased as punch! Stay tuned!
  • the featured image for this post has nothing to do with anything other than that I like it.

And that’s about it!

What are you lovelies up to?



One thought on “Hello again

  1. Succinct update and brief yet detailed enough to get us excited for you and wanting to read more from you! Have a delightful Sunday!


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