Just a quick run-down of writing news, for anybody just visiting this site.

Virga Magazine, my little pet, my third child, really– is growing–and I’m so happy. We’ve recieved so many stellar submissions! We need a few more super stellar ones, honestly, to make up issue two, but we have about a month to find them and I’m confident we will. If you’re a writer of poems or poem/prose/something-else-hybrids, please send that particularly formed humanity our way. We’d love to read your work.

On the first of this month I recieved word, and can now tell you all, that my unlikeliest of projects, a small chapbook titled epithalamium, was chosen as the winner of Sundress Publications’ 2017 Chapbook prize. I’m over the moon! I say it was unlikely, only because the decision to send that particular collection out happened on a whim. There was this cache of poems that fell by the way, here and there, as I was honing my still-in-limbo full- length manuscript; poems that I loved, but that I felt belonged to what I now often call my “alternative voice,” and didn’t fit well in the manuscript. Those poems comprise epithalamium. An epithalamium is, loosely denoted, a marriage song.  These songs go a little way into describing a marriage, with all it’s inherent contradictions, capitulations, beauty, banalities,  soaring heights, and yes, hurts. I’ll update later when the chap is closer to release. In the meantime, I’ll show you what Darren C. Demaree, the judge of this year’s competition, said about the work:

‘epithalamium’ is an incredible dancer working beautifully, relentlessly, spasmodically on a stage that was constructed small enough that the artist must at some point jump into the crowd to make their work the whole scene. The poems in this chapbook are dynamic and unique. The language, music, and energy used caught me off guard many times, and I can think of no better goals than that for poetry. None of these poems are “that blushing thing.” All of them are working and questioning the archetypes and mythologies that deserve to be questioned, and through that process something larger emerges. Through that process we learn to “forget stardust. / think transit. think love.” This chapbook approaches the real world with an otherworldly understanding of its machinations, and despite that deep look into our workings it emerges with a passionate idea of where this could all be headed.

Ridiculous, right?

But also so, sooo amazing and humbling. THANK YOU, DARREN. Thank you Sundress Publications, for making my whole summer!

There are a handful of places you can read individually published poems. These, and a few forthcoming ones I’ve listed on the “publications” page, if you’d like to peruse.

As I should have TWO new chaps come beginning of next year (Syliva Plath in the Major Arcana should be available by then, as well as epithalamium, I hope to schedule several readings in and around Southern Oregon. I *may* even travel to Portland? I don’t know yet. I’m bad at networking, and I’m still such a tiny little voice in the great big world of poetry, but I’m learning to be less of a hermit. Just a VERY little less, I suppose. If something is worthy of reportage, I’ll report here.

Thanks, loves, for following along.




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