A sampling of work published, online and in print.


Hospice of Bones; The Young of Cyclones;
Late Saviors; Ross 128 |  Indolent Books | What Rough Beast Project
Gold Teeth |  Rise Up Review
Minutes on a Reunion |  Yes Poetry
Where the Wild Things Are [Hungry] | Anomaly Literary Journal
Portrait of the Arsonist as Preexisting Condition | Maudlin House
Po-dunk | Unbroken Journal
Ars Poetica on T | Cease, Cows
Her Chemo Friend Explains Capricorn | Mithila Review
Stephen Biesty’s Man of War; Capture the Flag;
Lies About Fishing (forthcoming) | Crab Fat Magazine
On Orgasms Produced by Spike Lee | Minola Review
FLOTUS & Bees; American Sun | Anti-Heroin Chic
Dance Me |  Rust + Moth
A Queer Study of Smallpox Blankets | Fanzine
Ragamuffin | Crab Creek Review
Teeth Marks |  Minola Review
Mouse Heart |  Red Paint Hill
Jew’s Harp | Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Toynbee’s Tiles | TINGE (Temple University)



Shady Katie’s | Hypertext Magazine
Gang of Rivers | Kindred (Anchor and Plume Press)



Church Pew in Transit | Talking Writing


The Herman Schmeling Award for Non-Fiction Writing (Southern Oregon University, 2011)
Sundress Publications Sixth Annual Chapbook Competition Winner (epithalamium, forthcoming)


A review of Protection Spell by Jennifer Givhan, “Protection Spell, Nature and Somatics” The Rumpus
A review of Hard Child by Natalie Shapero. The Rumpus
Several pieces, reviewing literary magazines and journals. The Review Review


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