A sampling of work published, online and in print.


“Gold Teeth”  Rise Up Review

“Minutes on a Reunion” (forthcoming) Yes Poetry

“Where the Wild Things Are [Hungry]” (forthcoming) Anomaly Literary Journal

“Portrait of the Arsonist as Preexisting Condition” Maudlin House

“Po-dunk” Unbroken Journal

“Ars Poetica on T” (forthcoming) Cease, Cows

“Her Chemo Friend Explains Capricorn” (forthcoming) Mithila Review

“Stephen Biesty’s Man of War” (forthcoming) WINDOW

“On Orgasms Produced by Spike Lee.” Minola Review

“FLOTUS & Bees” and “American Sun” Anti-Heroin Chic

“Dance Me”  Rust + Moth

“A Queer Study of Smallpox Blankets” Fanzine

“Ragamuffin” Crab Creek Review

“Teeth Marks”  Minola Review

“Mouse Heart”  Red Paint Hill

“Jew’s Harp” Tinderbox Poetry Journal 

“Toynbee’s Tiles” TINGE (Temple University)



“Shady Katie’s”  Hypertext Magazine

“Gang of Rivers” Kindred (Anchor and Plume Press)



“Church Pew in Transit” Talking Writing


The Herman Schmeling Award for Non-Fiction Writing (Southern Oregon University, 2011)

Sundress Publications Sixth Annual Chapbook Competition Winner (epithalamium, forthcoming)


A review of Protection Spell by Jennifer Givhan, “Protection Spell, Nature and Somatics” The Rumpus

A review of Hard Child by Natalie Shapero. The Rumpus

Several pieces, reviewing literary magazines and journals. The Review Review

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